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Remove hoses and tubes quickly and safely

When undertaking vehicle servicing or repairs, removing rubber or plastic hoses and tubes can be a real problem if they have not been removed for some time. Attempting to lever them off with screwdriver or pliers can be difficult but can also potentially damage or break the component the hose is connected to. Metal fuel filter or pump connections can be strained and fracture, or plastic cooling reservoir stubs can break off. These new hose removal pliers from Laser Tools (part number 6894) offer an easy to use solution to this problem.

The tool uses two separate actions: the slim blades fit down between the hose and fitting and the rear set of blades is adjusted to firmly grip the fitting before locking in place; then using the plier action, the forward set of blades positively pushes the hose or tube away from the fitting. Because the pipe fitting is being gripped firmly, there is no strain or risk of damage, and the plier handles offer plenty of leverage to slide the hose off the fitting.

An excellent addition to the service technician’s tool box, and available now from your Laser Tools stockist.