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Laser Tools unveils OTR temporary tyre repair kit

Laser Tools has unveiled a new temporary tyre repair kit, which is is ideal for repairing punctures on tubeless tyres fitted to agricultural and off-road vehicles. The repair plugs allow tubeless tyres to be repaired without removing the tyre from the wheel.

Simply find and remove the object that is causing the puncture from the tyre; then use the supplied reamer tool to clean out the puncture hole. Fit the repair plug (15 are supplied) to the insertion hook tool and coat the plug with rubber solution. Push the repair plug through the puncture hole until about 10-15mm remains outside the tyre. Then remove the insertion hook tool and trim the protruding repair plug close to the tyre tread. All that remains is to pump up the tyre to the recommended pressure, which you can check with the tyre pressure gauge supplied in the kit.

This is not to be used as a repair for road vehicles, and cannot be considered a permanent repair because the tyre has not been taken off the wheel to check for internal damage. It is also not suitable for repairing sidewall damage, but for agricultural and off-road vehicles it offers a robust and easy repair on the smaller puncture that has penetrated the tyre tread.

The kit comprises the reamer and insertion hook tools, a tube of rubber solution, a tyre pressure gauge (5-50psi), 15 tyre repair plugs plus a couple of valve dust caps. All presented in a sturdy foam-lined case to keep the tools safe and secure. Spare tyre repair plugs are available in the Connect Consumables range (part number 37003 – 5 piece).