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STP steps in to reduce stop-start engine wear and tear

Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly have just introduced a brand-new product from STP to help motorists reduce the added wear and tear on petrol and diesel engines because of increasingly-prevalent start-stop technology. STP Start-Stop Engine Cleaner is designed to keep the fuel intake system working at top performance levels despite the extra strain.

While start-stop technology has the benefit of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, some experts believe it could increase the number of start-stop cycles by ten times over an engine’s lifetime – increasing the build-up of harmful deposits. By adding STP Stop-Start Engine Cleaner to a full tank of fuel every 2,000 miles, key engine parts are protected, helping motorists to avoid expensive repair bills.

Otherwise, motorists could suffer from potential power loss, driveability issues and increased emissions if they don’t take steps to maintain their engine. And, with air quality now such a key concern in our cities, it pays to ensure your vehicle is compatible with new emissions regulations – and performing at top levels whatever the traffic.

Damage to key start-stop engine parts can be caused by wear, harmful deposits and poor fuel quality. STP Start-Stop Engine Cleaner can assist with preventing such issues. Part of a new range of easily accessible fuel additives, STP Start-Stop Engine Cleaner is a key example of how inter-service car maintenance can be carried out by motorists at home. The brand is keen to emphasise that fuel additives are not just for older vehicles, and has introduced several products designed specifically for modern engine technology.

For further information on the complete STP programme contact the Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly sales team on 01 832 0006