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Shop Bodyshop Direct adds to Raxon range

Shop Bodyshop Direct’s own brand of refinishing products Raxon, recently received the Bodyshop Consumables Brand of The Year 2018 Award at the Irish Auto Trade Awards. Now the brand is adding a number of new products to its ever growing portfolio.

“It is an exciting time for us all at Shop Bodyshop Direct. After seeing Raxon grow from a small range of refinishing products, to what it is today is very satisfying! And to win the ‘Bodyshop Consumable Brand of the Year’ really was the cherry on top,” said Jonathan Penny od Shop Bodyshop Direct.

“We have added three types of non-woven wipes, which can be viewed here:—Consumables/page-48 ,” he added.

Non- woven proves to be the ideal rag, whether it is regarding efficiency or waste-disposal. The big difference between a non-woven and traditional textiles lays in its production method. Two essential steps in the production process are combined into one. Cloth is made directly from fibres, without spinning a thread first.

Different bonding-methods (chemical-bond, thermo-bond, mechanical-bond or hydro jet-bond) and the type of the fibres used (cellulose, viscose, polyester, polypropylene) determine the characteristics of the final product. The far-reaching perfectionism of the production units guarantees an outstanding quality.

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