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Michelin X Line Energy tyres best for fuel efficiency

Michelin X Line Energy tyres have been hailed the best for long distance fuel efficiency after tests revealed a truck and trailer running on the fuel-saving tyres will save an average 1.4 litres per 100km.

That equates to an annual saving of up to £1,670 and a reduction of 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions based on a vehicle covering 130,000 km per year – compared to the average of its five main competitors in the long-haul market, achieved by the superior rolling resistance of the tyres.

Michelin X Line Energy tyres went up against those manufactured by direct competitors on a 200km journey at an average speed of 80km/h on real roads, organised by the DEKRA Test Centre*.

Michelin’s latest generation fuel saving tyres came out on top, and also stood out for their strong casing, excellent reliability, efficient braking on dry and wet surfaces and smooth, high-precision handling.

A mechanic fits Michelin X Line Energy tyres to a truck during the DEKRA tests.

Chris Smith, Michelin’s Marketing Director North Europe – Truck & Bus, says: “These results prove that Michelin X Line Energy tyres are the obvious choice for fleet operators where the bulk of the work is on trunk roads at sustained high average speeds.

“If a typical UK haulier fitting this profile changed its policy from a regional fitment to Michelin X Line Energy tyres, they could easily save up to three per cent in fuel, which in some cases could even wipe out their entire tyre bill.”

The performance of Michelin’s X Line Energy tyres is linked directly back to its investment of more than €700m each year in research and development. This constant focus on product development allows fleets to increase their profitability with a product offering a low total cost of ownership.

Michelin X Line Energy tyres enable a 30 per cent increase in mileage performance for the steer axle on 315/60 R 22.5 and 17 per cent for the 295/60 R 22.5 Michelin X Line Energy Z, compared to the previous Michelin XZA2 Energy range.

* Tests were conducted on an articulated 4×2 tractor unit and tri-axle trailer running at 40 tonnes in ‘mega volume’ configuration with the following tyres:
315/60 R 22.5 MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z on the Steer axle
295/60 R 22.5 MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ Z on the Drive axle
445/45 R 19.5 MICHELIN X® LINE™ ENERGY™ T on the Trailer axles