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Improved driving comfort and very quiet running with Optimal

Vibration-free driving has become a matter of course. The failure of flexible couplings due to wear and tear has a serious impact on comfort. For precisely this situation, Optimal now offers new flexible couplings – “Made in Germany” from a wide range of rubber-metal parts. In turn, the innovative combination of cord packs, rubber and steel sleeves ensures unadulterated driving fun.

Flexible couplings are also known as Hardy discs, named after their inventor, John Leslie Hardy.
They are used in vehicles with rear wheel or all-wheel drive and are connected to the longitudinal shaft via the integrated precision steel sleeves.

The special construction of the Optimal flexible couplings in the form of innovatively arranged cord packs, a special rubber compound and high-quality steel sleeves enables the compensation of not only misalignments and axial play but also of juddering movements when starting the shaft or changing speed. This allows irritating vibrations and “juddering” to be avoided while driving.