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FIGIEFA backs interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform

Following conclusions of the TRL Report on ‘Access to in-vehicle data and resources’, FIGIEFA has called on the European Commission to swiftly implement the ‘interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform’.

The report examined a number of different solutions to provide direct remote access to a vehicle, its data and resources which are needed for innovative and competitive services for motorists. The executive summary of the report clearly shows that the only solution that meets these requirements, whilst also matching the five guiding principles arising from the previous Commission chaired Co-operative Intelligent Transport system (C-ITS) forum, is the interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform.


FIGIEFA has therefore called upon the European Commission “to start working on its implementation now without delay.”

The TRL Report also expressed serious concerns that the proposal from VMs for their ‘Extended Vehicle’ concept had the “potential to distort the market for existing and future services using vehicle data to the detriment of consumers”.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive said: “This is extremely good news and we are supporting FIGIEFA to actively push for swift progress to be made. It is a step closer in giving the independent aftermarket direct access to in-vehicle data and presents us with great optimism as we continue to fight for its future.”

The latest developments are on the back of the final report of the High-Level Group ‘GEAR 2030’, released in October, which sets out its analysis of the key trends and challenges that will affect the future of the European automotive industry. The report includes ‘Recommendation 26’ which calls upon the Commission “to assess whether additional sector-specific legislation is needed for access to vehicle data”.

Should legislative activity start now, an interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform could be created within five years through a combination of using existing in-vehicle platforms and the corresponding standardisation of the access requirements.