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Gates New Multi-Ribbed Belts Range Features Family of Four

A new look, a new construction and a new family of four will be among the major talking points to emerge, when Gates introduces its latest generation of multi-ribbed belts for accessory belt drive systems.

Stronger associations with the Gates OE product range will be prominent when the new Micro-V® range is introduced throughout the European supply chain.

Some of the more striking OE associations will include:
• Same distinctive pattern on the reverse sides of most belts
• Belt textures that match the feel of Gates OE products
• Greater flexibility associated with OE design and construction
• As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of belts and metal parts, Gates works closely with every major vehicle manufacturer. The OE range continues to be the benchmark for all aftermarket products and the new generation of Micro-V belts represents a natural evolution from that range.
• OE materials and technologies
• The quality of the EPDM rubber compounds used to manufacture Gates OE belts was instrumental in achieving greater crack-resistance and reliability under the most extreme temperature variations. Gates uses the same compounds and the same OE design technologies in the construction of the latest generation of Micro-V belts. Advanced tensile cord materials provide the necessary strength and durability.

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Gates Micro-V belts are designed to meet the specifications set for particular engines. Different products are needed to accommodate variations in OE design. These might reflect alternative pulley sizes, different pulley positions, an absence of tensioners or the use of double-sided belts. Gates has identified different four types of multi-ribbed belts for four different types of application.

In a move that sets Gates apart from any of the other belt manufacturers, Gates has used distinctive branding – on the sleeves and belt labels – to highlight these four different types of multi-ribbed belts.

The members of the Gates ‘family of four’ Micro-V belts are:
• All-rounder
• Stretch Fit
• tensioners)
• Stop&Start
• Unique Fit Gates believes that strong branding and a focus on each type of multi-ribbed belt will help to confirm correct part selection and increase installer awareness about the alternative fitting techniques involved.
• Parts ordering and selection
• Gates has taken care to ensure that the latest generation of Micro-V belts can be ordered and integrated into existing stocks with ease. Part numbers are unchanged.
• For every vehicle application, the online catalogue ( automatically selects the appropriate belt from the family of four. This gives peace of mind to parts distributors as well as their installer customers.
• At launch, the latest generation of Gates Micro-V multi-ribbed belts delivers coverage for more than 98% of the market. This confirms that Gates has a solution for most applications and demonstrates why Gates Micro-V is the first choice for OE replacement.