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New meters from Laser Tools

This new range of meters from Laser Tools offers real value for money with convenience and accuracy.

The Sound Level meter (part number 6903) is used for measurement of mechanical and environmental noise. It is designed to meet the requirements of IEC 651 Type 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2. It is ideal for: occupational and industrial hygiene noise evaluations; Noise at Work surveys and noise exposure calculations; noise ordinance enforcement; machinery noise tests and general noise measurements.

The Digital Temperature and Humidity Level meter (part number 6904) is used to record both temperature and relative humidity. It is ideal for environmental monitoring of offices, storage rooms, computer server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, etc. The sensors are located in a protective grill, making this instrument ideally suited for taking measurements in an air stream. Thus it can also be used to check and monitor vehicle heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The LCD display has an automatic back-light, making the data easy to read in a dark environment.

Part number 6905 is a Digital Anemometer and Thermometer and is used for measuring wind speed and temperature. Can be used to measure air flow, for example, to check efficiency of dust and fume extraction devices, heating and air-conditioning systems, etc. It is handheld, pocket sized and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Thus it is perfect for hang gliding, windsurfing, kite surfing, kite flying, sailing, surfing, paragliding, shooting and mountaineering. Wind speed is measured in metres per second, kilometres per hour, feet per minute, knots or miles per hour.

The Digital Lux Level meter (part number 6906) is used for measuring brightness. Low Lux levels (insufficient light) are a common cause of fatigue and muscle strain. This becomes more likely if the exposure is consistent over longer periods of time. The same is true for high Lux levels (excessive light). Glare and reflected light can be distracting and impair vision. This is particularly dangerous when a job requires the operator’s full attention. Those working with machinery or hazardous chemicals are at a much greater risk. Using the digital Lux level meter to measure light levels in your workplace can help you to avoid these issues. With the 6906 Lux level meter you can measure many different light levels, from gloomy corridors (about 10 Lux) to bright outdoor light (about 100,000 Lux).

All the meters CE Certificated and RoHS compliant, and suitable for the professional technician or the dedicated enthusiast who demands high quality. They are available now from your Laser Tools stockist. Remember to check for the best price and special offers.