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UFI Filters publishes new catalogues

UFI Filters, a global leader in fluid filtration technologies has published four new catalogues featuring fully updated layouts, new easy-to-read icons and between them 472 new codes. The catalogues cover the new 2017/2018 “Light Vehicles” and “Truck and Bus” ranges for both the UFI and Sofima brands.

The four new catalogues in the distinctive colours of both brands – blue and red – feature a totally new image. The covers, which have been customised with the new advertising page, introduce the new concept, “Welcome to Tomorrow”, evoking innovation, one of the company’s great strengths, along with the constantly updated Aftermarket product offering. The catalogues have also been enhanced with the introduction of a number of pages which provide information about the company.

In addition to the traditional sections, which allow users to search by brand, model and version, there is now a practical “dimensions” section for all product types, where the measurements of each product in the catalogue are provided. The “dimensions” section is complemented by a selection of images which have been fully updated and enhanced for this edition.

The “Light Vehicles” catalogues feature a comprehensive range of aftermarket products, including air, fuel, engine oil, cabin and service filters – in addition to more specific products, such as blow-by, urea, hydraulic oil and water filters for the “Truck and Bus” catalogues.
The double UFI and Sofima version of the 2017/2018 edition of the “Light Vehicles” catalogue contains 200 new codes compared to the previous edition – 69 cabin, 28 oil, 28 fuel and 75 air filters. Of these new additions, 21 are captive codes. To make them easier to locate and view, the new entries can be found in a dedicated section within the two catalogues, accompanied the applications and the original code.

In the “Light Vehicles” catalogue a number of products are for important recently launched models for which UFI Filters is the OE supplier. These include VW’s Golf VII, Porsche’s 718 Boxster and Cayman, the Range Rover IV, BMW’s 1 Series and Alfa Romeo’s Giulia and Stelvio.
In total, the UFI and Sofima 2017/2018 catalogues for light vehicles contain 1,970 codes for over 30,000 vehicles, more than 50 percent of which are represented by cars that have been launched in the last five years. The UFI and Sofima ranges for lightweight vehicles now offer over 96 percent coverage of cars in circulation in the European market, across all the product families represented.

The 2017/2018 edition of the “Truck and Bus” catalogue in the double UFI and Sofima version features 272 new codes in addition to those found in the previous edition, of which 41 are cabin, 38 oil, two hydraulic oil, 78 fuel, three urea, 109 air filters and one blow-by filter. Of these new additions, 26 are captive codes. The new entries can be found in a dedicated section within the two catalogues, accompanied by the applications and the original code.
In total, the 2017/2018 “Truck and Bus” catalogue contains 1,110 codes for each of the brands represented, for over 15,000 vehicles, more than 40 percent of which were launched in the last five years. The UFI and Sofima ranges for heavy duty vehicles currently provide over 93 percent coverage of the models in circulation in Europe.

The catalogue features products for many major new vehicle models for which UFI Filters is the OE supplier, including the new VW Crafter 30, the International Van of the Year 2017, Iveco Stralis E6, Ford Otosan Cargo E6 and Man TGS/TGX E6.

The distinguishing feature of the UFI Filters Group, and one of the brand’s key strengths, is the global presence of 250 co-branded OE filters created in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers, 190 of which are designed for light vehicles and 60 of which are for heavy duty applications – more than 26,000 vehicles in total.