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TecAlliance set to sponsor Motor Factor Awards

TecAlliance, has been confirmed as the sponsor of the Motor Factor Awards, which take place at the Irish Auto Trade Awards, at Carton House, Co. Kildare on Thursday, October 26.

Between its various divisions, TecAlliance provides the independent aftermarket with effective replacement parts management solutions, for wholesalers, distributors, workshops and even parts suppliers/manufacturers.

TecAlliance specialises in handling and processing data in order to provide these individual sectors with the tools they need to run their businesses more efficiently. So whether it is the accurate identification of application specific components on which factors rely, or detailed technical information to enable technicians to understand and tackle challenging service or repair processes, TecAlliance has the answer through its TecDoc catalogue and repair and maintenance information.

For many factor/wholesalers, TecAlliance is also the go to company for their own branded electronic parts catalogue provision and fulfilment.

From the parts supply perspective, TecAlliance provides the vehicle parc reference data that manufacturers rely on to ensure they are able to provide the range coverage they need for their brand and to allow them to cross reference the parts they manufacture with the other applications those parts will also fulfil and therefore, what needs to be sourced elsewhere to offer a comprehensive programme.

All this is made complete with an electronic trading platform that allows not only paperless transactions, but also stock interrogation/analysis and parts ordering processes that drive efficiencies across all sectors.

For more information about TecAlliance, please contact Shaun Greasley on: 01829 752888 or email:

Motor Factor Awards

  • Automotive Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer of the Year
  • Wholesale Parts Distributor of the Year
  • Transport Parts Distributor of the Year
  • Motor Factor of the Year