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Taking the fight to the dealers

It was in order to provide the independent garage with an alternative to the franchised dealer that First Line introduced Turbo Hoses into its expanding product portfolio. The addition was an immediate hit and the range now includes over 600 part numbers covering many popular European and Asian applications.

The complete programme includes several different types of hose, the majority are turbo hoses, which fit between the turbo and the intercooler and the intercooler and the inlet manifold. However, it also includes air filter hoses, which fit between the air intake and the air filter housing and the filter housing and the turbo, as well as some turbo oil feed / return hoses and crankcase breather hoses.

As with any rubber product, the material naturally degrades over time, but as turbo hoses are constantly exposed to large changes in temperature and pressure and can suffer from the effects of engine over-boosting and failing turbo oil seals, they are subject to high levels of stress, which along with contamination from oil and other common automotive chemicals, means they will eventually fail and need replacing.

First Line Turbo hoses are manufactured to the same specifications as the original equipment (OE) part, so the material used in their construction is always consummate with the original item. As they generally operate at increased air pressures, reinforcement fibres are added to the walls of the hose during their construction. These fibres help maintain the strength and shape of the hose under high-pressure conditions. The commonly used fibres are polyester, and aramid, dependent on the specification of the OE part.

When it comes to turbo hoses, product identification can be quite challenging, as it is extremely difficult to explain to a supplier over the phone which hose is needed. To help overcome this First Line create technical layout drawings for every application, therefore technicians can be sure to pinpoint exactly what they need.

These images can be seen on the First Line Webcat, plus they are also available in MAM Autocat and TecDoc. Therefore, no matter what your choice of parts identification technicians will be able to quickly and easily supply the correct Turbo Hoses, reducing the need to source from the OE dealer.

First Line has also expanded its range of turbo hoses, of which all six references are unique to the company, as no competitor has been identified. These turbo hose additions cater for a wide array of passenger car applications, including FTH1441 for Ford Focus III, FTH1561 for Ford Mondeo IV, FTH1563 for Ford Focus II, FTH1689 for Mercedes C-Class and FTH1495 air filter hose for BMW 3 E36 and BMW Z3 E36.