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New cost thermal imaging thermometer launched

Thermal imaging – too sophisticated and costly for vehicle repair and maintenance?  Not any more, thanks to a company called FLIR Systems, which has introduced a cost-effective imaging thermometer that combines spot temperature measurement with thermal imaging for fast troubleshooting.

The FLIR TG167 provides a non-contact temperature reading while its thermal mode shows the relative thermal properties of the problem in the context of its surroundings. So, it’s ideal for spotting mechanical misalignment, a misfiring cylinder or electrical connection issues, diagnosing blockages in exhausts or radiators and checking the efficiency of heated seats.  And, of course, it can also be used for straight temperature measurement applications such as the air outlet of an air conditioning system.

Another big benefit of the FLIR TG167 over a straight spot thermometer is that it saves images and data that can be used to give customers proof of a problem.  You can also download images via USB or a removable 8GB micro SD, both of which are supplied as part of the kit, for inclusion in reports.

The narrow field of view lens on the FLIR TG167 – 25 degrees horizontal – is ideal for vehicle inspection.  It provides quality image detail with a 24:1 spot size ratio that also enables you to work at a safe distance away from the potential problem.

What’s made this all possible is FLIR Systems’ development of the Lepton® micro longwave thermal detector that it is the size of a smart phone SIM card.  In the FLIR TG167, this is combined with another new technology Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) that guides you to hot and cold spots that are invisible to the naked eye.

The imaging thermometer is intuitive to operate with no need for special training.  In common with all other products in FLIR Systems’ test and measurement range, the FLIR TG167 is designed for daily use in the workshop.  It is built to withstand a one metre drop and is covered by FLIR’s industry leading 2-10 warranty; 2 years on the instrument, 10 years on the detector.