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Laser Tools launches portable inspection camera

Newly introduced by Warwickshire-based Laser Tools, this portable inspection camera (part number 6934) allows you to easily perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas.

Its lightweight, handheld design means that it is extremely portable, and the very flexible semi-rigid camera probe is 1 metre long and just 3.9mm in diameter. This very narrow diameter of the camera probe means that the inspection camera has numerous applications from inspecting engines and engine components, to inspecting cables or pipes in or behind walls. A 90° mirror attachment for increased versatility is also included.

For many trades this inspection camera can be a great asset; not only can you see first-hand where a problem may be, you also have the ability to record what you see to include in a report or quotation. This very useful instrument is fitted with a Micro SD card which enables still images and video recordings to be saved. Sound is also recorded.

When working in dark environments the end of the probe is fitted with two LEDs which have six levels of brightness; even inside a combustion chamber you will get crisp, clear imagery on the 640 pixel-wide LCD colour screen. Indeed, the ability to look inside the combustion chamber is not just confined to petrol engines (go in via the spark plug hole), but the very narrow 3.9mm diameter of the camera probe means that a diesel engine can be accessed through the glow plug aperture, something that many other models of inspection cameras cannot manage. The top of the piston can be easily inspected, and with the supplied 90° mirror attachment fitted, the probe can be rotated to inspect the condition of the valves and top of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head.

But that is only one application; brake pad wear can be inspected without removing the road wheel, corrosion checks can be made inside box sections and chassis members. The results of the inspection are saved on the 8 Gb Micro SD card; to retrieve the recorded video and still images from the inspection camera you can either remove the Micro SD card or more simply just connect the camera up to a laptop or PC with the supplied USB lead. An RCA/Video-Out lead is also supplied which enables a larger screen (with compatible Video-In socket) to be used both when the camera is live or to view still images and video recordings.