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€11vEMC on truck tyres postponed until January 1, 2018

Mark Kane and Alex Garan of Midland Tyre Services (MTS) met with the with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) on August 30.

Previous to that Mark Kane had told the Tyre Trade Journal: “As the largest independent truck tyre distributor in Ireland, MTS was consulted by Repak early in the process and gave constructive objections and detailed description of MTS’s disposal solution in place – a solution established for decades, self-financing, fully documented and resulting in zero waste. MTS was excluded from further consultation, despite promises to address concerns, and MTS’s solution was never put to the Minister and decision makers at the DCCAE.”

At the meeting with the DCCAE, they explained in detail how they recycle truck tyres. They say that they already cover over 50 per cent of the Irish truck tyre disposal market and the system they use can easily be deployed for 100 per cent with full transparency, no waste, no damage to the sector and no cost to the Irish taxpayer.”

Mark Kane told us last Friday: “We finished the meeting with the promise that the Department would consider all of the points we made and come back to us by close of business on Friday, September 8 with their thoughts. And the DCCAE has responded to our meeting as promised today. They have fully briefed the Minister on foot of our meeting. On the basis of everything we discussed at the meeting, the Minister is not in favour of a € Zero rate of vEMC for Truck Tyres as part of the new legislation”.

He added: “However, the Minister has agreed to defer the introduction of the €11 vEMC until the January 1, 2018 on truck tyres. This derogation is to allow Midland Tyres to engage constructively with Repak ELT to ensure that our concerns along with the whole truck tyre sector in the Republic of Ireland are addressed when the vEMC for truck tyres becomes operational. We are pleased to inform you that our petitioning to the DCCAE and Minister Naughten has resulted in a delay to truck tyre vEMC being chargeable until Jan 2018”.

He concluded: “Whilst this is of course a huge win at this late stage, we are very conscious of further efforts required to defend our sector. We’ll need support to put across a strong and coherent case from the entire truck tyre space and support it with a fully watertight solution that would be superior to the proposed scheme, which will be applied should we fail. We shall be in touch shortly to begin coordinating future efforts, but we breathe a huge sigh of relief for now, thank you wholeheartedly for your support so far”.