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Allied Nippon offering the complete package to the aftermarket

The aftermarket has never been short of competition between brands but seldom has a category seen the level of competition that currently exists within the brake pads segment. At last count, there were no fewer than 60 different brake pad options to choose from here in Ireland and, with such a level of choice, customers are rightly looking for the complete package: performance, consistency, reliability, market coverage and value-for-money.

Allied Nippon believes it delivers just that and claims to offer a world-class braking package for its aftermarket customers. This bold claim warrants a closer look so Auto Trade Journal is going under the skin of this exciting brand, available exclusively from the recently established Comline Ireland Ltd.

On top of being an established brake pad brand selling millions of sets worldwide each year, Allied Nippon is a bona fide brake pad manufacturer with both original equipment (OE) and private label credentials. According to Director of Braking Product Development, Dr. Keith Ellis, this expertise delivers knock-on benefits for the brand’s aftermarket offering:

“Allied Nippon manufactures for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, and this level of OE precision, quality and technology is applied across our ‘all makes’ range of aftermarket brake pads. Since its inception in 1982, Allied Nippon has become a renowned and trusted name in braking, and our high-quality pads, fuelled by experience of manufacturing for OE and private label clients, support a global network of aftermarket businesses.”

For Allied Nippon, control over manufacturing means complete control of materials, specification and process; this results in product that offers consistency from pad-to-pad. Dr. Ellis explains: “We firmly believe in the quality of the Allied Nippon pad, but, perhaps more importantly, we are confident in the quality on offer from every single pad we manufacture. Making one set of high-quality pads is relatively simple, but making many millions of sets to the same quality standards is what sets the Allied Nippon product apart.
“Product consistency is the key advantage of our manufacturing, and this means Allied Nippon customers can supply and fit our product with absolute confidence and peace of mind.”

Fully featured
The root of Allied Nippon’s braking performance comes from its bespoke friction compound formulation, know internally as NAM112A. This compound, which is already copper-free and will soon receive it’s US certification, is blended to deliver an ideal combination of performance, durability and noise characteristics across a range of speeds, temperatures and pressures.
This friction compound is precisely moulded before being bonded to high-strength backing plates. Specialised bonding materials are carefully selected to adhere the compound to the back-plate and ensure durability, strength and shear force resistance.
To compliment the precisely crafted pad and deliver enhanced noise characteristics, Allied Nippon fits OE-type backing shims to its most popular aftermarket references. These clip-on, multi-layer shims are codenamed RMR due to their rubber-metal-rubber construction and designed to reduce vibration within the caliper. Dr. Ellis underlines the impact of this important feature:
“RMR has been developed to help control vibrations that naturally occur during braking and lead to unwanted noise. Our testing reveals that this feature, combined with the characteristics of our NAM112A compound, gives Allied Nippon pads exceptional noise properties.”

All makes coverage
A key strength of Allied Nippon is the scale, scope and continued development of its range. The brand offers one of the biggest ECE R90 certified ranges in the world, with vehicle parc coverage for all popular European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. As a manufacturer, Allied Nippon is also quick to market with new applications to keep its range primed for aftermarket demand. Recent examples include:

ADB02253 – Front – Land Rover Discovery Sport 14->, Range Rover Evoque 11->
ADB31724 – Front – Mazda CX-7 07->13, CX-9 07->
ADB32230 – Front – Hyundai i10 13->