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Techplus adds new heat induction tool

Tyreshop equipment specialists Techplus, has added a new Swedish manufactured heat induction tool, Looser, which makes light work of freeing stubborn nuts in the workshop.

Inductive heating – heating metal with high current – is not new and has been used in the metal pipe industry for many years.

The Swedish Soldering Tools company has been a leader in heat induction technology for more than 15 years.

It’s latest heat induction tool, Looser, heats nuts and bolts in and any situation where metal needs to be heated, especially in the workshop.

Using gas as your heat supply is risky. Not only because it can cause fires and personal injuries, there is also a risk to the material that is being heated. With Looser, you apply the heat more exactly, keeping it where you want it.

Low voltage electricity, harmless for human beings, combined with high current, will heat up a nut that needs loosening, for example, when the current passes through the material. Looser works on all types of metal.

Big nuts take time to heat. To heat an M16 nut to 300° Celsius takes about 15 seconds.

Compared with gas, this method is more efficient because the current heats the material from inside. Gas only heats the surface, and the heat is distributed from there. The fact that it is easier to get at the place you need to heat also increases the versatility of the tool.

All the operator needs to do is touch the electrodes to the material and press the button on the handle, and the heating process is initiated.