Special offer on Kovax ProMa-X electric sander

Shop Bodyshop Direct is currently offering a special offer on Kovax’s ProMa-X electric sander.

The new electric random orbital sander – the Electric 150 is ideal for a myriad of applications.

Shop Bodyshop Direct says that every application requires its own specific setting. Therefore, the the ProMa-X Electric 150 has seven different speeds.(4,000 to 10,000 RPM.)

Two protective systems have been added to protect the machine from overheating and downforce overload.

The ProMa-X Electric 150 is equipped with a highly flexible power cord which reduces the risk of kinks or cord rupture.

Best dust extraction can be achieved by combining the ProMa-X Electric 150 with this specially developed back-up pad

Shop Bodyshop Direct has a limited number of these excellent sanders in stock, with next day available.

Buy online while sticks last at: http://www.shopbodyshopdirect.com/Shop/Product-Detail/KOVAX-PROMA-X-Electric-150mm-Orbital-Sander .

For more information contact 046 909 3800 or email info@shopbodyshopdirect.com