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RMI – technical service data from TecAlliance

To remain competitive, workshops naturally have to adapt to the ever developing technology inherent in the vehicles they service daily. By using a combination of up to date service equipment and on going training they can keep up to speed and provide a good service to their customers, but there’s more to business than doing a good job.

It’s being able to be proactive when it comes to planning – both general and job specific – and implementing the strategy that can deliver the kind of efficiencies that will directly benefit bottom line profitability, which is the ultimate objective for the business.

RMI from TecAlliance provides workshops with not only comprehensive and accurate repair and maintenance information to assist technicians with the implementation of a service action or highlight the need to address a previously unrequired maintenance instruction, but the ability to operate at a deeper level. The system contains almost seven million items of technical data, more than 21.5 million repair times, 230,000 service plans and 900,000 repair instructions.

Its additional options include repair time information and parts pricing, which allows workshops to price their quotes accurately and ensure the profitability of each job, as well as plan the weekly work schedule.

In the same way, when it comes to those unscheduled jobs, or the challenge of having to deal with an unusual model, RMI provides the solution with everything from service schedule information, repair instructions and processes, to torque values and fault diagnosis. It is even holds vehicle manufacturer recall information to allow workshops the check that the update action has been carried out.

Implement RMI to its full potential however and workshops can go as far as ordering the parts that are needed for the service action online – by their specific part number – which prevents the factor from sending out more than one part, where their system shows multiple options. It is also capable of being linked to the factor’s stock management system, so providing advance warning of any potential supply problems.

All of which makes RMI valuable on the job, but vital for the business!