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New EURO VI Emission Standards for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs)

he Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, has signed regulations which provide for the introduction of EURO VI emission standards for nationally type approved HCVs effective from 1 July 2017

Additional updates are also incorporated in the regulations to take account of recent technical advances with respect to vehicle design.

Euro VI emission standards set tighter limits for atmospheric pollutants and have been mandatory for mass produced HCVs being sold across the EU since 31 December 2013
However Ireland, has obtained an exemption under Directive 2007/46/EC for vehicles produced via the National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA) and Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) schemes and has now taken the necessary steps to introduce Euro VI standards for all nationally type approved HCVs in order to provide a level commercial playing field and to combat vehicular emissions.

The implementation timeframe for the introduction of the Euro VI to NSSTA and IVA
schemes in Ireland is July 1:


A. All nationally type approved pre-assembled factory finished HCVs(complete),


B .Those undergoing any incomplete stage of a multi-stage build, which involves the assembly of the chassis and the drivers cab (incomplete).

From 1 July 2017 onwards it will only be possible for manufacturers to issue an incomplete or a complete Certificate of Conformity (CoC) on NSSTA for a HCV that is Euro VI compliant.

Furthermore, the NSAI will only issue incomplete IVA Certificates for HCVs that are Euro VI compliant after this date.

2. January 1 2018:

All nationally type approved multi- stage built vehicles, which involves the fitting of a customised body (e.g. tipper body, concrete mixer etc.) to the chassis (completed).

From January 1 2018 onwards it will only br possible for a manufacturer to issue a completed CoC on NSSTAs that are Euro VI compliant. Furthermore, the NSAI will only grant IVA Certificates for HCVs that are Euro VI compliant after this date.