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Europower has comprehensive battery portfolio

Europower Battery Centre has a comprehensive battery portfolio right out of the very top drawer, and a penchant for delivering high levels of customer service to a loyal customer database, that has been built and nurtured over four decades.

Europower Battery Centre has been in business for almost 30 years and has represented Banner in Ireland since 1989.

At that time Banner was an OE (Original Equipment) manufacturer for Volkswagen and Audi, and in the intervening years it has added important automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, SEAT, Aston Martin, Suzuki to its OE product portfolio.

Banner products have proven themselves both in the cold of northern Scandinavia and the heat of Africa, such is the quality and durability of its product range.

Banner’s EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM ranges are used extensively in modern cars with start-stop systems.

The Banner Energy range is both extremely cycle resistant and durable and is ideal for leisure, solar, marine and semi-tractions applications etc.

Europower was first to sell Sonnenschein Gel batteries to the mobility, golf and floor cleaning markets in Ireland. Dryfit technology was developed by Sonnenschein and to this day, no other comparable product on the world market has been able to match the performance of original dryfit batteries.

The company was subsequently appointed master distributor for Trojan batteries – the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. Trojan batteries deliver superior power to golf carts, floor machines, aerial work platforms, renewable energy, marine and recreational vehicle applications.

Europower’s range of VRLA batteries from 6V 1.2AH to 12V 400AH are supplied into the UPS, telecom, lighting and security markets and provide safe, reliable power solutions.
Europower also supplies specialist chargers, optimisers and booster packs from leading manufacturers such as Optimate and Lemania featuring the latest technology and unsurpassed quality in both design and production.

EFB Batteries
Technical innovations have enabled the Banner EFB battery to emerge as a cost-effective alternative to AGM technology.

Banner EFB batteries are making a significant contribution to a reduction in CO2 emissions from modern vehicles. This relates to the fact that virtually every new model is being fitted with start-stop functions and the resultant increase in the burdens on the electrical system and its energy supply.

In turn, these place a heavy burden upon the battery, which must also offer a combination of chargeability (dynamic current intake), acid stratification prevention in tandem with simultaneous zero-maintenance retention, a prolongation of the useful life cycle and suitability for use in the engine compartment.


As a result of innovations and systematic further development, Banner’s EFB batteries, which are part of the Running Bull family, are able to meet these customer requirements in optimum fashion.
Fo example, special carbon additives, non-woven electrode covers, separators, with minimum internal resistance and perfected, continuous cash mesh are all employed. And as Technical Development Manager, Helmut Diermaier, explains: “ These advances are part of the reason why leading automotive manufacturers are turning to EFB technology rather than more complex and cost intensive AGM variation and regards Banner as a top address in this connection.”
With Running Bull EFB, Banner is ideally equipped to offer an optimum solution in this rapidly expanding market.

For more information contact Europower Battery Centre on 01 830 0884.