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Comline Industry Eye e-news bulletin unveiled

Comline Auto Parts (Comline) has introduced a new e-news bulletin designed to inform its customers of the brand’s latest news and hot topics from around the automotive industry.

Free-of-charge and available to all, Comline Industry Eye will be e-mailed once a month to subscribers and comprises up to10 stories per issue. The publication will deliver a mixture of content, including Comline company updates, technical bulletins, model features and new product updates, alongside Comline-specific news from industry partners, such as the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation.

Comline-specific content will be complimented by an array of varied content from across the aftermarket and wider automotive industry, including new vehicle releases, breaking industry news and hot-topics. Each issue will also include the aptly titled ‘Light relief’ segment which features entertaining videos designed to put a smile on the face of Industry Eyereaders.

In the most recent issue of Industry Eye, Comline informed readers about its latest accolade, a listing in the 2017 ‘1000 companies to Inspire Britain’; communicated important developments to its steering & suspension range; shared engaging commentary about LCV legislation and Brexit; showcased a pair of jaw-dropping new supercars; and shared a video of the brand’s sponsored EVO IX rally car tackling The Cyprus Rally.

Comline recognises that motor factors and technicians are busy, so each issue of Industry Eye can be viewed with a quick visit to the archive portal. This can be accessed via both the Comline website and through a link included prominently in each issue of Industry Eye.

Comline, the award-winning British distributor of all-makes, replacement parts, is keen to increase customer engagementand sees Industry Eye as a crucial tool in helping to achieve that goal. Comline Marketing and Communications Manager, Leigh Davies, commented:
“With Industry Eye, we are hoping to achieve direct engagement across the aftermarket. The publication is designed to have universal appeal, and my hope is that it will help inform and entertain both motor factors and technicians alike.
“A lot of commercially-driven e-news can easily become turgid and repetitive, but Industry Eye will avoid this by always featuring a varied mix of Comline, aftermarket and wider automotive content. I hope the broad subject matter will help establish Industry Eye as a regular and enjoyable read for many within the aftermarket.”

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