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Autoelectro shows its LCV pedigree

Autoelectro, with more than 30 years’ successful experience in the automotive aftermarket, has built a reputation in providing  technicians with the answers that might otherwise have alluded  them,  like an issue that affects the Fiat Doblo 1.3D Multijet  (2014-onwards).

Often, a slow start or excessive crank time can be incorrectly diagnosed as a faulty or worn-out starter motor; however, this  is not always the case. Alarmingly, underlying issues are  regularly overlooked and the same fault that was thought to be  fixed reoccurs and the replaced component is often  blamed.

Autoelectro, the UK’s largest independent re-manufacturer of starter motors and alternators,  has experienced this type of  scenario on starter motors fitted to the Fiat  Doblo application.

The vehicle can suffer from slow starting, but it is not the starter  motor that is causing this problem; in fact,  it is caused by the  engine’s main earth wire to the chassis being corroded.

The damage triggers a poor connection and can result in  excessive cranking of the starter motor  and, consequently, may cause it to burn out and fail.

To minimise the risk of failure, Autoelectro advises technicians to  inspect the earth wire connected  to the chassis and replace if necessary. The wire on the Doblo can be found close to the  gearbox and runs directly from the negative terminal  on  the  battery.

Other symptoms that can indicate a  possible burnt-out starter  motor include the following:

 Blue colour on the gear shaft and pinion area
 Rattling inside the starter motor
 Burning smell from starter motor or insulation leak
 Damaged pinion teeth or broken nose cone
 Burnt, discoloured or melted wire from solenoid to starter body
 Burnt label

Failure to investigate and rectify this fault can result in premature  failure of the component  and may invalidate the warranty.

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