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New video guide to replace CV wheel hubs

Diesel Technic has launched a useful video guide for workshop technicians on the correct method to replace a truck’s wheel hub. In the video, the two master commercial vehicle mechanics, Björn and Lars, walk-through the process step-by-step including important safety considerations.

The video is available on YouTube by searching for Diesel Technic Parts Specialists or through the following link:

In the video, Björn and Lars illustrate what technicians should look out for when replacing wheel hubs in order to prevent premature failure. They also highlight the other components that are affected by the replacement, which may also need inspection or renewal.

“We are focused on providing high quality products and the customer service to match,” explains Mark Boden, General Manager, Diesel Technic UK & Ireland. “The Parts Specialists series is just another way in which we aim to support our customers. Education is vital to the industry, particularly technicians and we see this video series as an informative and interesting way in which we can help our customers.”

The Parts Specialists is an on-going series and covers a variety of topics. Diesel Technic is currently interested to hear from its customers about topics for the series and is also looking to include videos made by its customers. Any suggestions should be sent either via email or to the Diesel Technic Facebook page.


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The video series supplements the range of multilingual, illustrated assembly instructions available at These instructions offer important support to trained mechanics, particularly regarding the installation of safety-related and complicated products and also to prevent unnecessary assembly errors