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Motorists get wiper advice

“With summer here, drivers must prepare for a shift in weather and road conditions,” said Sam Robinson, Trico product and brand manager for the UK and Ireland. “This is when driver visibility is critical, and vehicles need to be equipped with highly functional and effective wiper blades.”

Motorists very rarely check tyres or windscreen wipers and yet to be able to see clearly is of the utmost importance. According to Trico, 90 per cent of all driving decisions are based on visual clues, which serves to underline how important having good and quality wiper blades are.

Trico has introduced additional new rear and hybrid blades to reinforce the comprehensive Exact Fit programme, which offers long-lasting performance, ensuring motorists are comfortable and can see clearly out of their windscreens.

So what are the signs that windscreen wipers need replacing? Worn wipers produce an uneven wipe, preventing proper contact with the windscreen surface, leading to poor visibility.

Trico offers the following advice on the symptoms to look for that indicate blades need changing:
Streaking: dry rubber that has hardened and cracked causes this. Tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances on the blade rubber can also cause streaking.

Chattering: very annoying; it’s the sound that the blade makes as it passes across the windscreen by the permanent set or curve in the blade rubber that some wipers blades develop when they are not being used.

Worn rubber: general rounding of the wiping edge caused by age and it is a sign that it’s time to replace the blade.

Split rubber: this is a condition found on blades that are old, or from the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays affecting the rubber.

Bent refill or wiper frame: this can be caused by the impact of ice scrapers, automatic car washes or vandalism, leading to bent or distorted wiper arms affecting the wiper efficiency.

Sam concluded: “General advice from Trico is that blades should be visually checked on a monthly basis and replaced every six to twelve months. Ensure you buy blades that are a suitable length, style and fitment for your vehicle and if your car has traditional style hook wiper arms, consider upgrading to a modern beam blade for improved performance and weather resistance.

“The Trico Exact Fit programme is continually being updated and developed to offer coverage of the very latest vehicle applications, allowing retailers and garages to service 99 per cent of all vehicle applications directly from stock. These latest additions to the Trico Exact Fit range, including unique blades not available in any other aftermarket programme, demonstrate our commitment to keeping Trico stockists up to date with the very latest products and the most comprehensive vehicle coverage.”