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Mini Infrared Thermometer from Laser Tools

Laser Tools’ new Mini Infrared Thermometer (part no: 6838) allows the operator to take non-contact temperature measurements by simply pointing the instrument and pressing a button. It is suitable for a wide range of garage and workshop applications, including vehicle heating and air-conditioning systems, radiator and thermostat function, exhaust manifolds and brakes.

Infrared thermometers use infrared technology to quickly measure the surface temperature of objects, providing fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. The Laser 6838 Mini Infrared Thermometer can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without contaminating or damaging the object. It can also provide several readings in seconds, as compared to contact methods where each measurement can take several minutes.

Its compact size makes it especially suited for work where space is at a premium and where accurate focus on the target is required, such as in engine bays and on circuit boards. Temperature is displayed on a very clear, switchable, back-lit LCD.

Temperature can be shown in either °C or °F. Measures in the range -50º-280º C (-58º-536º F), and is powered two AAA 1.5V batteries (supplied).