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Flashing bike could save lives

A flashing LED bicycle logo is one of the latest ways in which a company that helps operators communicate with vulnerable road users is aiming to protect two-wheeled commuters.

As part of Sentinel Systems’ ‘Bike Hotspot’ package, the new LED sign is part of a system designed for operators to help promote cyclist safety and protect vulnerable road users.

The flashing bicycle LED is mounted on the tailboard of a van or truck, and illuminates in tandem with the vehicle indicator as an additional, more visible warning that the vehicle is about to turn left or perform a reversing manoeuvre.

The Bike Hotspot system works by fitting sensors on the nearside of the vehicle, and the sign will activate at speeds lower than 10mph. The sensors are linked to a choice of alarm, including in cab sounds, LED lights and external speakers that warn cyclists to move away from the vehicle.

Installing the sign onto vehicles will give cyclists a visual indication that the vehicle is about to manoeuvre, giving them time to stay out of the way of any potential harm.

With 19,000 cyclists being killed or injured in road accidents every year in the UK, the Bike Hotspot system not only saves lives, but also prevents side damage to vehicles, reducing potential insurance claims and vehicle downtime. 20% of fatalities occur in collisions with HGVs, particularly when vehicles are turning left, but the Bike Hotspot system detects and warns cyclists before an accident can happen.