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Fitment tips and tricks for technicians

When replacing wipers, always remove the old wipers and then thoroughly clean the screen before fitting new ones. Pay particular attention to the top and bottom of the sweep areas as dirt collects here. If not cleaned, this dirt will immediately contaminate new wipers.

If the vehicle is fitted with conventional blades, consider offering the customer an upgrade to modern beam blades using a retro-fit hook option. This gives them the best in performance and styling by upgrading them to the latest technology.
Remember, sometimes the new blades you are fitting may install with a different method to either the OE blade and/or the existing aftermarket blade you are replacing. Never force a blade into place, if it does not appear to fit then check the fitting instructions.

Trico has videos available on YouTube for all ranges to assist with this – simply scan the QR code on the product packaging to access them or type in Trico Europe on YouTube.
You can also follow Trico on Twitter (@tricoeurope) to also access the useful fitting videos.