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Chicago Pneumatic introduces impact wrenches for heavy vehicle applications

Chicago Pneumatic has launched two new lightweight and powerful impact wrenches for heavy vehicle tyre changing applications.

Built on the heritage of successful previous models, the CP7783 and CP7783-6 1” lightweight impact wrenches provide higher torque than similar tools of an equivalent durability and are equally suitable for workshop or roadside assistance tasks.

Weighing in at just 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg) and 20.9 lbs (9.5 kg) respectively and delivering a powerful 1,770ft.lbs (2400 Nm) in reverse, Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7783 and CP7783-6 impact wrenches provide a high power to weight ratio to meet the demand for lighter yet more powerful tools. They are also equipped with a wealth of new design features to enable operators to get their job done quickly and increase productivity, with less fatigue.

Chicago Pneumatic has designed the new impact wrenches with durability, efficiency and easy maintenance in mind. Both the CP7783 and CP7783-6 feature a ‘rocking dog clutch’ rather than the more traditional twin hammer impact mechanism. This pinless, closed reinforced mechanism is encased and has only two main moving parts to ensure optimum power transmission and superior durability. Among other benefits, this impact mechanism consumes less air, which helps to reduce operating costs while offering an excellent performance – even with limited airflow. Thanks to the ‘rocking dog clutch’ the new impact wrenches are ideal for soft pull-up jobs.

The new impact wrenches are available in 1” (CP7783) and 6” (CP7783-6) anvil versions to ensure that Chicago Pneumatic Tools customers have the best fit for their needs. New ergonomic features include a D-handle design, with full teasing trigger and four operating positions. This provides users with greater stability when holding the tool and with increased user comfort compared to alternative models. There is also a readily adjustable top or down exhaust which ensures optimum comfort for the user, whatever the angle of working.

The new impact wrenches are simple to use, thanks to a forward/reverse lever that can be switched from right-handed to left-handed, giving increased flexibility to the user. With three power settings in both forward and reverse, the CP7783 and CP7783-6 can be tailored to each application and provide the torque necessary to ensure efficient completion of the job.

“At Chicago Pneumatic we are dedicated to making our customers’ jobs easier and are continually developing our tools in line with users’demand. The new impact wrenches are designed to give users superior power and durability, the ergonomic design and simplified impact mechanism help to achieve this,” says Yann Pasco, Global Business Development Manager for Chicago Pneumatic Tools.

To see CP7783 and CP7783-6 impact wrenches in action, watch this video: