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Valeo urges aftermarket to Trust the Specialist

Valeo Service UK demonstrated its complete product range at Automechanika Birmingham to reflect its Aftermarket Product specialist promise, including wiper systems, transmission systems and lighting systems to name a few.

The promise is part of Valeo’s wider ‘We Care 4 You’ and ‘Trust the Specialist’ strategy highlighting the company’s commitment to embracing product innovations and developing its range where possible using its wealth of aftermarket experience.

As a wiper systems specialist, Valeo demonstrated the recently introduced Valeo Hydro Connect™ wiper range. Innovative and smart with the plug and drive easy fitting system, the range only features 47 part numbers for 96 percent European car parc coverage. It also includes the rear multiconnection, which is new on the market.

The brand new Valeo FullPACK DMF® offer, including 60 references, was available on the stand with the three technologies available – Curved blade, Inner Damper and Long Travel Damper. It simplifies range management by offering an “all-in-one-box” solution including either CSC or mechanical bearing.

In addition, Valeo demonstrated one of the latest lighting technologies on the market: the FullLed™ system. This innovation offers a range of beneficial features including: Static or dynamic bending light (low and high beam), thinner bi-function modules with no mechanical movement, LED leading edge, flat guide technology, stylish flexibility with its lens shape, xenon level cost and performance and, lower power consumption of energy.

With a commitment to introducing more than 4800 products each year, Valeo is an aftermarket specialist offering a wide range of product lines including the following systems: Transmission, Wiper, Lighting, Electrical, Braking, Engine Filtration and Engine.

Management, Security, Switches, Air Management, as well as Electrical Accessories, Driving and Parking Assistance, Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling are also covered by Valeo.
Valeo’s new aftermarket ‘We Care 4 You’ promise is to ensure customers have access to complete support.