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Tenneco launches Walker fuel additives range

Tenneco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of original equipment and replacement emissions control components and related products, has introduced a range of powerful fuel additives for light-vehicle diesel engines. The new additives, marketed under Tenneco’s Walker Emissions Control brand, are now available through leading aftermarket parts distributors.

The new range of additives includes the Walker Regeneration Activator, a high-concentration additive formulated to eliminate soot and other particulate matter that can block turbochargers, diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters.

Intended for annual curative maintenance, this cleaning formula helps restore emissions control system injection cycles and DPF regeneration efficiency. Sustained build-up of soot and other contaminants can damage engines, turbochargers and emissions control components, potentially leading to expensive repairs. Elimination of these deposits can also help restore vehicle performance, improve fuel efficiency and reduce the chances of a failed MOT test.

The second new additive is Walker Prevention Dose, a maintenance formula that helps enhance DPF regeneration and eliminate soot, varnishes and other deposits that can impair engine operation emissions control efficiency. Ideally suited to vehicles operated in urban areas and which experience shorter driving cycles, Walker Prevention Dose also cleans low- and high-pressure pumps and injectors, neutralizes condensation within the fuel system and helps prevent fuel tank contamination. Excessive build-up of contaminants within engine, fuel system and emissions control components can reduce vehicle performance and fuel efficiency and increase emission of regulated pollutants.

“These powerful new additives can help vehicle technicians and consumers avoid expensive mechanical repairs while improving overall vehicle performance,” said Bruce Ronning, vice president and general manager, Europe Aftermarket, Tenneco. “As a global leader in emissions control technologies, Tenneco understands the importance of maintaining engine and emissions systems. Our new range of additives can help solve existing performance issues and prevent potential problems down the road.”

In addition to the new additives, Tenneco offers an expanded range of fuel borne catalysts (FBC) that are used to reduce the temperature required to burn particles trapped within the DPF. These now include First, Second and Third Generation FBC formulations covering a broad spectrum of today’s vehicles.