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DHL Streetscooter goes public

An electric delivery van, designed and manufactured by German mail delivery company, DHL, could be on sale to the general public from next year after it announced plans to expand production.

DHL has been using its self-designed Streetscooter since 2013 as it wanted an all-electric replacement for its Volkswagen Caddy vans, for which there was no domestically-built alternative.
The StreetScooter is a machine tailor-made to suit the needs of a delivery company like DHL, especially in urban and last-mile operations. It offers a 120km (75 mile) maximum range and storage capacity to rival that of a small to medium-sized delivery van.

Now, the van’s creator, Dr Günter Schuch, is planning to introduce it for sale to the general public following successful and reliable operational trials with the German delivery firm, with the potential production of 10,000 vans a year.

Named the EGO Life, the public version of the vehicle will maintain the same concept as the DHL Streetscooter, but will target SMEs with city centre applications and relatively short driving distances.