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Tachograph download solutions that guard against Ransomware and viruses

The latest highly publicised Ransomware attacks have highlighted the potential weaknesses in corporate networks. A simple process such as collecting and uploading tachograph data creates a lot of touch points for files to enter your network. Often satellite depots for instance have the minimum of IT support and are nursing the oldest PCs and software just for such purposes.

Tachosys manufacture devices that connect directly to Tachograph analysis providers using the mobile network. This means that remote sites do not need to access your corporate network for this purpose.

The digipostpro is a depot based terminal that collects both driver card and vehicle data and posts directly to any one of the main online analysis providers in the UK. It has the added benefit of consuming less than 10 watts compared to approximately 200 watts for a PC. The digiDL device sends data in the same way directly from the vehicle, otherwise known as remote tachograph download. All data is encrypted.

Tachosys have pioneered hand held tachograph download tools that can connect to your PC but run their own operating and file systems and are read only. It is not possible to infect Tachosys devices using any conventional means, especially by Windows. Tachosys have safeguarded their customers for the last 10 years and continue to develop solutions based on the same principles.