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High demand for Logistik retreads

Any operator hoping for improved fuel efficiency from a retread tyre looks closely at rolling resistance and that’s exactly what Grantham-based commercial tyre retreading specialist Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres did when developing its successful Logistik platform for heavy commercial vehicles.

Unlike some manufacturers, however, Vacu-Lug chose not to sacrifice any physical tyre characteristics, but instead achieved improved performance through technological advancements and the use of more sophisticated compounds during the manufacturing process.

“One way to reduce rolling resistance is to reduce both tyre width – crucial for footprint – and tread depth” explains Dave Alsop, Vacu-Lug Sales Director. “At Vacu-Lug, we’re using advanced compounds which have been developed over a long period of time to combine good rolling resistance with excellent wear characteristics – simply put, the tyres last longer.”

Vacu-Lug uses the LD01 drive tyre (in size 295/80R22.5) on its own distribution fleet, with the tyres outperforming original equipment by up to 50%. The LD01 combines optimal performance and longevity with the aim of reducing overall operating costs. “In short, our own tractor units are doing fantastic mileage because of this tyre” adds Dave. Vacu-Lug also has trials running on the same tyre in 315/70R22.5 size with results also proving to be exceptional.

As well as higher mileage and improved durability, a reduction in tread block movement helps the   Logistik LD01 to deliver better traction and lower acoustic levels, alongside improved fuel consumption. Now available in three sizes – 295/80R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5 – the LD01 is manufactured using 12-segment, high pressure tyre presses which employ technology used by the aircraft industry. Furthermore, by utilising an increased curing pressure of 300psi, maximum tread compound performance is achieved.

LD01 users throughout the UK are reporting good performance levels and as such, demand has started to outstrip supply. Consequently, Vacu-Lug has installed a fourth Logistik press at the Lincolnshire plant. On top of that, hauliers can now combine the LD01 Logistik drive tyre with the newly released LT01 Logistik Supersingle trailer tyre. This means operators can benefit from high quality premium retread tyres from a British manufacturer.

“Mixed vehicle fleets are already experiencing Vacu-Lug’s proven delivery of high kilometre performance and lower rolling resistance” concludes Dave Alsop. “And now, with our fourth press in place, we can match production levels to demand for the Logistik tyre range.”