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Goodyear drives construction of world’s largest airport

Goodyear is supplying tyres and support to more than 3,000 construction vehicles currently building the world’s largest airport.  In the last year, almost 8,000 Goodyear Omnitrac II range truck tyres for mixed service applications (on and off-road) have been supplied to the trucks working on the 76.5 million square meter site in Turkey, where the Istanbul new Airport is being built.

Support is an essential part of the service to ensure the tyres provide maximum operational life and reliability, so that the vehicles work unhindered in the hot and rugged conditions. This support is provided by a dedicated Goodyear tyre technician, who is based on site.  Part of his function is to ensure the performance of the tyres and optimize the cost per km on the project, and in addition superior key account management is provided by the Goodyear FleetFirst team.

When all phases complete the new airport, which will cost in excess of €10 billion, it will be the world’s largest airport serving 200 million passengers with more than 22,000 employees.  Phase 1a, which includes the world’s largest airport terminal under one roof, is currently under construction with completion scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.  Eventually the new airport will boast six runways upon completion of all phases.

The tyres supplied to the trucks, which are mainly four and five axle tippers, are Goodyear Omnitrac II truck tyres for on and off-road service applications like the transport of material on road to construction sites.  These comprise Goodyear Omnitrac MSS II steer tyres and Omnitrac MSD II drive tyres.  These tyres feature increased resistance to damage and give extraordinary traction and high mileage performance, which are essential for the challenging conditions of this mega project.

Omnitrac MSS II and MSD II tyres have been developed according to Goodyear’s Max Technology concept. They have been specifically developed for use in mixed service, such as on the airport site, where vehicles operate on unpaved surfaces and on sand.  Latest technology materials and design features ensure durability as well as high mileage potential and traction in all conditions, particularly at high temperatures.