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G3 Premium High Cut System with the new addition of the G Mop Flexible Back Plate

The Premium High Cut system is set to become the benchmark for excellence in polishing. In laboratory testing and live field trials with bodyshops across a wide range of paint brands, the system has proven to reduce heat build-up and achieve the seemingly impossible combination of being excellent on fresh paint as well as having the required aggression on cured paints.

However, now, in line with Farécla Products’ mantra of making the refinishing process far simpler and far better for bodyshops, Farécla has launched its new G Mop Flexible Back Plate. Designed to complement the new G Mop High Cut Foam, the G Mop Flexible Back Plate looks to maximise the ease of use of the super flexible, yet powerfully cutting High Cut Foam. The combination of both products allows easy handling and the easy polishing of difficult areas such as swage lines whilst giving noticeable durability.

When both of these products are used in conjunction with G3 Premium Abrasive Compound, the system achieves outstanding gloss in the fastest time on all types of paints and clear coats.

“This is another step forward in in making polishing easier,” said David Stokes, Marketing Manager, Farécla. “The addition of the new G Mop Flexible Back Plate to the Premium-High Cut system means all 3 elements are genuinely innovative and assist ease of handling. “