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Bartec Auto set to impress at Automechanika Birmingham

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) will be hosting an interactive workshop and engaging seminar programme during its second visit to Automechanika Birmingham, allowing visitors to understand TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems) at a time when record MOT failures attributable to TPMS are in the news.

Figures regarding MOT failures linked to TPMS defects have skyrocketed to more than 23,000 vehicles – rising by 212% – meaning a visit to Bartec at the NEC is paramount for visitors.
During the three-day international show, technicians and fast-fitters will be offered the chance to try the TPMS experts’ global market-leading tools first-hand, learning how to diagnose and fix faults in the process.

One tool, in particular, which is sure to catch the eye of visitors is the all-in-one TECH500. It is the only TPMS scanning tool in the world that boasts a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

It can detect and diagnose sensor faults – possibly due to a failed battery, mechanical damage or even corrosion – and can recognise whether that particular vehicle’s ECU or TPMS receivers are at fault.

Additionally, enthusiastic visitors will be allowed the opportunity to be taught how to relearn a vehicle ECU with a replacement part number and use an electronic tread depth gauge to measure tread on a worn tyre and view results. 

Managing Director, Colin Webb, will also deliver a presentation entitled ‘Six Steps to Success’ – where he will identify what is needed to carry out TPMS repairs, how to select appropriate equipment, parts, training and support, as well as illustrate how TPMS can increase profitability.
Colin and his experienced team will be ready to extend a friendly welcome and provide visitors with an interactive education, ensuring they leave the NEC with a greater understanding of TPMS, imperative as EU rules on TPMS come into greater focus in 2017.
As of November 2014, it has been mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to install TPMS on all their new passenger vehicles. TPMS is now part of the annual MOT test; therefore, all new cars manufactured in 2014 will be due their first test this year.

Colin said: “Very few tyre shop chains in the UK have, so far, formally trained and equipped their technicians to service TPMS; the quality of training and support generally available leaves a lot to be desired. 

“Therefore, Bartec will be offering advice on the key steps to take to organise your shop and technicians to deliver high-quality TPMS services and send customers away happy.”