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Axtec dynamic weighbridge recoups £19k annually

Ford & Slater, one of DAF Trucks’ largest UK dealer groups, has reported annual savings of £19,000 since installing Axtec’s ‘drive-over’ dynamic weighbridge at its principal location in Leicester. Axtec’s dynamic weighbridge can check all six axles of a tractor / trailer combination, plus gross vehicle weights, in just 40 seconds and is the most accurate of its type in the world (to within +/- 0.25 per cent).

Ford & Slater, which previously incurred the costs and time penalties of weighing off-site, was prompted to invest in Axtec’s dynamic weighbridge after learning of the same equipment being installed at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire – the UK assembly plant for right-hand-drive DAF vehicles.

“We’ve used Axtec equipment for five years now and I can certainly vouch for the excellent quality and reliability with our existing Axtec OnBoard Load Indicators” said Mark Chater, Account Manager at Ford & Slater. “We knew Leyland Trucks had installed their own Axtec dynamic weighbridge, so we were comfortable that the equipment had the right credentials. It appeared on paper to be a safe investment for us. And so it has proved,” he said, “with £19,000 annual savings and, just as importantly for our customers, a significant reduction in downtime.”

Derek Hack, Sales Manager at Runcorn-based Axtec commented, “Traditional plate-type weighbridges do provide accurate gross vehicle weights, but, increasingly, hauliers need to check individual axle weights as well. Our dynamic weighbridge solution does exactly that,” he said, “and it does it very quickly and very accurately. The cost benefits over public weighbridges, as Ford & Slater has clearly demonstrated, can be significant.”

Axtec is the UK’s only dedicated weighbridge manufacturer, specialising in the design, build, supply and installation of axle and vehicle-weighing equipment.

From its Runcorn base, Axtec designs, builds and installs its dynamic and static weighbridges, alongside its new OnBoard Axle Load Indicator (for van, rigid and articulated vehicle applications) and portable weigh-pads.