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Autoglym Wheel Protector laughs at brake dust

Even to the most ardent of car-detailing enthusiasts, cleaning your car’s wheels can be an arduous task. On all but the most simple of wheel designs, removing baked-on brake dust and traffic film means judicious application of cleaners, then brushing, agitation, rinsing, then often repeating. Put simply, it’s a lot of work. Thankfully, Royal-warranted car-care maestro Autoglym thinks there might be another way, thanks to its utterly ingenious Autoglym Wheel Protector. This product could truly change the way you clean your wheels – and indeed, how often you have to!

In the fight to give the world ever-cleaner motors, Autoglym’s boffins decided that the best way to keep wheels clean was to stop them getting dirty in the first place. Their solution was to create a super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which actually minimises brake dust adhesion to the surface of your wheels. This spray is so hydrophobic in fact, that it actually causes beading on the wheel surface! The result of all this chemical craftsmanship? Your wheels will stay much cleaner, for much longer.

The technology was actually originally developed for the many BTCC and Single Seater Motorsport teams that Autoglym works with. Keeping brake dust and rubber detritus off race rims as they spin many hundreds of times a second doesn’t just make the car look good and keep sponsors happy, it also has dynamic benefits too. So, Autoglym’s R&D lab came up with a race-ready spray that acted as a truly effective barrier against brake dust and dirt. Tested to the insane heat levels created in motorsport, it’s now proving to be more than up to the task of keeping domestic motors looking at their very best, too.

Application couldn’t be simpler. Once the wheel is scrupulously clean and bone dry, simply spray a sparing coating onto each rim and allow it to dry. Acting as a sealant, Autoglym Wheel Protector then simply prevents a large proportion of brake dust and dirt from sticking in the first place – a fact that becomes immediately obvious if you have a little fun and take the ‘50/50 Challenge’ –  spraying just half your wheel to see the difference over a week’s worth of driving. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

The benefits of this amazing technology are many and varied. For those that have an amazing set of show-quality, Unobtanium, Martian-polished rims, this ingenious sealant will keep them protected and looking their best. Running an intricate spoked design that takes hours to clean on wash day? This is going to save you many minutes each time. Or perhaps you just like an easy life and want to get the maximum results from the very minimum of effort. Whatever your motivation, Autoglym Wheel Protector needs to be a part of your car care routine. When it comes to looking after your wheels, it’s a genuine revolution…