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ZF Services [pro]Tech- five years old and still growing

ZF Aftermarket is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its ZF Services [pro]Tech workshop concept. More than 5,500 partners benefit from its practice-oriented training courses, technical information and on-site partner support.

Major plans are in place for 2017 including: international roll-out of the concept; new customer portals for the D–A–CH UK and Ireland markets and additional technical training modules.

“ZF Services [pro]Tech brings progressive technology and relevant industry expertise to workshops. Training content and increasing digitalisation allow us to provide the highest possible standard of technical knowledge to make workshops even more competitive,” emphasises Markus Schmitt, Head of Workshop Concepts at ZF Aftermarket. “We’ve achieved a lot in five years and we won’t stop now: our mission is to cater to our customers in the best possible way and prepare them for the automotive future as a reliable partner.”

Wider reach. Advanced Content. More Products

ZF Services [pro]Tech started in 2012 by providing 10 training courses across seven regions. This has grown to 60 courses in 27 regions across the D-A-CH market. The courses have a strong practical emphasis that complements the theory, and are continuously updated in line with ZF’s development in its chosen areas of driveline, chassis and steering. The course content ranges from assembly, repair and servicing of power steering units and clutches, to the trouble-shooting of 6HP and 8HP automatic transmissions and torque converters. The modules include the detailed specifics of popular passenger cars sold across the defined markets. For example, in Germany: the BMW 528xi E61 and VW Passat 3C 2.0 TDI.

ZF Services [pro]Tech also offers modules for commercial vehicles. A new training course on the AS Tronic 2 transmission will be offered in 2017. ZF Services [pro]Tech also offers modules on high-voltage systems that address the increasing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles. Training modules focussed on TRW braking systems have proven popular, further demonstrating the power of the business integration at workshop level. Additional modules for TRW branded systems will be added in 2018.

Substantial added value for independent workshops
In addition to expanding its training portfolio, ZF Services [pro]Tech is launching its updated web portal for the D–A–CH regions and UK markets. “Wherever you go throughout Germany, there is a ZF expert available with training advice and product and service expertise. This time next year, ZF Services [pro]Tech will have expanded into workshops beyond Europe. The next five years are expected to be even more productive than the last five.” stated Neil Fryer, ZF Aftermarket’s Senior Vice President of IAM, OES, Market and Products.

The concept has been rolled out in Spain. Poland will follow in 2017 and Brazil, Portugal and Italy in 2018; creating further opportunities to maximize best-practice aftermarket training, expertise and service.

ZF Aftermarket provides its customers with complete solutions; products and services. The ZF Services [pro]Tech workshop concept is an example of this, providing independent workshops with a comprehensive service package which includes access to vehicle-specific installation instructions. Extra added value for partners comes in the form of: the WebCat online catalog; a dedicated telephone hotline and advertising materials are available upon request.

Adding to the depth and breadth of support, ZF also offers a Services [pro]Tech plus option. This includes on-site expert support and OEM service information, such as recall actions for a number of global vehicle manufacturers. Partner subscribers to the ‘Basic’ option can book these separately.

ZF Services UK

Matt Shakespeare, Technical Sales Manager of [pro]Tech in the UK and Ireland, commented: “In the past 12 months, the [pro]Tech concept has gone from strength to strength in the UK, with scores   of workshops signing up to the scheme to enjoy access to technical support and training. We are already experts in driveline and chassis technology, and the integration of TRW means our knowledge now extends to braking and steering too, providing [pro]Tech members with an increased bank of information, for the same price  .

“With modern vehicle systems more complex than ever before, we have also adopted the bespoke training model used in Germany, to provide our [pro]Tech Plus members with the opportunity to undertake a range of advanced training sessions. The most recent programme, which has a focus on the BMW X-Drive, saw members equipped with the skills to diagnose and repair evolving and complex vehicle systems.”