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New KMAX Low Platform Trailer Tyres from Goodyear

Extending its range of high mileage KMAX tyres, Goodyear is introducing the KMAX T trailer tyre for low platform trailers.

This new tyre, on display at the CV Show this week, is for 17.5” rims and will be available in five sizes to meet the demanding applications of low platform trailers.

KMAX T 17.5” tyres have been developed for high mileage performance and all season mobility by qualifying for the 3 Peak-Mountain-Snow-Flake (3PMSF) snow tyre requirements. The new tyres will be available from May 2017.

Low platform or low loader trailers are typically used for transporting large or heavy equipment such as construction plant and agricultural equipment or long indivisible loads like wind turbine parts.
Often such trailers have many axles, some of which may be steerable. The new tyres are designed specifically to meet the challenging requirements of this type of haulage offering high mileage.