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Michelin gives CV Show debut to all-new X Multi tyre

Michelin has commenced replacement of its most popular heavy truck tyre range in the UK and Ireland, with the international show debut of the all-new X Multi tyre line-up. Official testing has shown the next-generation fitments deliver 15-20 per cent more mileage than the current Michelin X MultiWay 3D series, at no extra cost.

Designed to blend the lowest cost per kilometre with outstanding grip in all weather conditions – from the first millimetre of tread to the last – the new tyres are available with immediate effect in four key fitments: 315/70 R 22.5 multi-position and drive tyres and 385/55 R 22.5 steer and trailer tyres. The X Multi range will be expanded with the launch of 295/60 R 22.5 and 315/60 R 22.5 X Multi D in September 2017 and then the 315/70 R 22.5 X Multi D Remix early in 2018.

Innovation is at the heart of Michelin’s product development and this new range incorporates the latest technologies including Regenion, InfiniCoil, Powercoil and Carbion, which all help deliver extra value and performance for fleets. Tyre management will also be simplified thanks to an RFID chip integrated into each new Michelin X Multi tyre. As ‘connected tyres’ this new range will offer access to several digital services, enabling individual tyre identification, improved fleet and stock management, and improved traceability of operations.

Chris Smith, Marketing Director North Europe – Truck & Bus, says: “The new X Multi range offers outstanding grip and greatly improved longevity, taking tyre performance to a completely new level. It also underlines Michelin’s commitment to ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers, since the new tyres don’t cost a penny more than the ones they replace.

“Regional tread pattern tyres currently account for more than two-thirds of our total sales in the UK commercial vehicle tyre market, and we’re predicting considerable interest in this CV Show launch. The double-digit improvement in tyre life is a direct result of Michelin’s significant annual investment of more than €700m in research and development.”

Like all of Michelin’s truck tyres, the new X Multi range is constructed using Michelin’s renowned high-quality casing which means it can be regrooved and is retreadable using the Michelin Remix process.

315/70 R 22.5 Michelin X Multi Z (multi-position)

The new X Multi Z is designed to cut operating costs on regional and national haulage operations and offers a potential mileage increase of up to 15 per cent compared with its predecessor, the X MultiWay 3D XZE.
Designed for all road types encountered in regional and national haulage operations, it features a new generation of tread rubber that allows a reduction in original tread depth without negatively affecting mileage performance. This new Regenion technology, made possible by innovative 3D metal printing, enables the moulding of self-regenerating tread blocks which include hidden grooves that appear as the tread wears. These hidden grooves ensure that grip, traction and safety are at an optimum level across a wide range of weather conditions throughout the life of the tyre – from the first mile to the last.

Regenion also improves the life of the tyre as the tread pattern is more closed and rigid, which has the effect of optimising the tread’s contact patch with the road surface and slowing the wear rate even further, increasing the mileage potential.

The X Multi Z offers impressive grip throughout its life and in all conditions. This is highlighted by the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) sidewall markings, which demonstrate the performance and safety in winter weather.

The tyre also incorporates InfiniCoil technology, which comprises a continuous steel wire – up to 400 metres in length – wrapped continuously around the tyre to provide greater stability throughout its lifetime. InfiniCoil also increases the robustness and durability of this latest generation tyre range.

315/70 R 22.5 Michelin X Multi D (drive)

Offering up to a 20 per cent increase in mileage potential compared with the corresponding X MultiWay 3D XDE, this new tyre benefits from the same Regenion tread technology to reveal hidden grooves that appear as the tread wears.

Small tubular ‘Tower Pump’ sipes are also included in the tread blocks to help evacuate water using a pumping action, improving grip in wet conditions.

Other unique features include Powercoil technology in the casing construction: this new generation of lighter, yet more robust steel cables means that the tyre is lighter but with no loss of strength or endurance.

Reinforcing the tyre’s green credentials is the low noise level this tyre emits during use – with an EU tyre labelling rating of just (1 bar 73 db). This is achieved thanks to compact and rigid tread blocks, combined with a moulded anti-noise barrier, which reduce the main source of tread noise.

385/55 R 22.5 Michelin X Multi T2 (trailer)
The new X Multi T2 tyre stands out for offering up to 20 per cent additional mileage versus the same size of X Multi T, which it replaces.

Key to improving longevity is a tread area which is 6mm wider, having the effect of optimising the contact patch with the road surface and slowing the wear rate.
The tread pattern incorporates both new Regenion and Carbion technologies, with the latter the result of an innovative mixing process in which certain tread components are mixed when in a liquid state, resulting in a more uniform material. This material increases the mileage performance of the tyre and improves its rolling resistance to allow greater fuel savings.

385/55 R 22.5 Michelin X Multi F (steer)
Completing the new line-up at launch, this tyre features a similar tread rubber to the new X Multi Z, allowing a reduction in original tread depth without negatively affecting mileage performance. This reduced tread depth means there is less movement in the tread, which in turn reduces heat build-up and therefore wear.

Like the X Multi T2, it benefits from a tread area which is 6mm wider than its predecessor, the XFA Energy AS. This has the effect of optimising the tread’s contact patch with the road surface and slowing the wear rate even further.

A new rubber compound and the inclusion of Delta sipes in the tread pattern ensure the X Multi F delivers maximum safety in a variety of difficult weather conditions. The Delta sipes improve braking and cornering grip in winter conditions and on slippery road surfaces. In addition, the sipes are aligned with the direction of rotation to establish an even wear pattern in the early life of the tyre, which helps to further improve tyre life.

The X Multi F is graded B for rolling resistance under the EU tyre labelling scheme, allowing operators to be confident that they are using one of the most fuel efficient tyres in its class.
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