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Comline braking development shows no signs of stopping

Comline Auto Parts (Comline), the award-winning British distributor of European, Japanese and Korean replacement parts, has enhanced its brake pad and disc offering with over 50 new part numbers.

Comline’s friction offering continues to go from strength-to-strength, combining high-quality manufacturing, consistent, reliable performance and excellent value-for-money to deliver real results for aftermarket businesses. Comline’s prowess in this product category is one of the major drivers behind its status as one of the fastest-growing automotive brands in Europe.

Brake pads
A total of 24 new brake pad references have been added to stock in Comline’s spacious 150,000ft2 distribution centre. Notable among this collection of parts are CBP06093 for the Jaguar XF (2009-2015), XJ (2009-onwards) and XK (2009-2014) models and CBP11604, a light-commercial option for the Citroën Relay (2015-onwards), Fiat Ducato (2006-onwards) and Peugeot Boxer (2015-onwards).

Comprehensive European, Japanese and Korean coverage is something that the brand takes seriously, and this is reflected in its latest new-to-range salvo. References for European marques, as highlighted earlier, are complemented by introductions for Asian models, such as CBP31661 for Toyota’s Land Cruiser (2008-onwards) and CBP32304 designed for the Nissan X-Trail (2013-onwards).

Brake discs

The Comline brake disc portfolio has also been bolstered with 30 new references, all of which arrive finished with the brand’s specially formulated, anti-corrosion coating. Highlights among this selection of parts include a trio of references for the ever-popular Vauxhall Astra (2015-onwards) in the shape of ADC1165, ADC1166 and ADC1167V.

As with pads, this blitz of new brake discs illustrates the breadth of Comline’s vehicle parc coverage with a variety of Japanese applications also being catered for. This includes new references for three Suzuki models, ADC0937 and ADC0938V for the Swift (2012-onwards), ADC0939V and ADC0940 for the SX4 (2013-onwards) and ADC0939V and ADC0940 for the Vitara (2015-onwards), plus ADC0577V for the Honda CRV (2012-onwards).This latest update from Comline demonstrates the brand’s focus on meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. At Comline, braking development shows no signs of stopping, so watch this space for further new-to-range announcements.