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Ceramex set to exhibit at CV Show

Ceramex Limited, an international leaders in Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning, will be demonstrating its patented Veritex inspection technology at the CV Show in April and the Automechanika in June.

Marcus Beament, Head of Sales at Ceramex says: “The DPF is one of the most expensive service items on the vehicle and it is critical that cleaning and inspection are performed to the highest professional standards. If DPFs are not cleaned correctly, this can lead to increased fuel consumption, shorter intervals between cleans and potential failure of the DPF, bringing an unwelcome bill for the owner. Airflow measurements can be ambiguous especially if you have a hole or crack. This patented method of inspection provides a picture of the internal filter condition, identifying any damage or blockages. It also provides evidence that the filter has been cleaned properly and gives confidence that it will continue to perform effectively in service.”

The Ceramex approach provides the following benefits

  • Improved cleaning performance compared with conventional cleaning processes
  • Longer interval between DPF cleans
  • Improved fuel consumption arising from cleaner filters
  • An inspection image of your filter to demonstrate that the cleaning has been done properly and professionally