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Bartec’s TPMS Desktop software program receives makeover – but remains free

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) has upgraded its industry-leading PC software program, TPMS Desktop, but it remains free-of-charge to its 11,000 tyre and repair shop users.

The global market leader in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) has released a significant update to its program of referencing processes and technical information data, including new coverage of 2017 make-model-years of cars, TPMS sensors and vehicle relearn processes.

TPMS Desktop will now communicate with the entire range of Bartec TPMS tools, including the TECH300, TECH500 and TPMS Pad, for the download of vehicle TPMS diagnostic data and storage of the audit data for further analysis.

Additionally, TPMS Desktop has the capability to update the software and coverage data on every Bartec tool – a process which occurs regularly to ensure tools are up-to-date and can repair the latest vehicles.

New product

The latest software update also enables the database to communicate with Bartec’s recently-released and MOT-approved TAP100 and TAP200 tread depth readers.

User-friendly and first-of-their-kind, the handheld tools can capture tread depths and tyre pressures quickly and accurately, as well as tyre defects, all of which are then uploaded to TPMS Desktop.

A ‘traffic light’ system illustrates wear profile, tread depth and pressure, alongside the TPMS data, which guides the customer to a decision on whether a tyre or sensor replacement or alignment service is required.

Watch the TAP100 in action:

TPMS Desktop can be downloaded, free-of-charge: