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Technicians step out of the shadows with RUBL1000

Ring’s Under Bonnet Lamp (RUBL1000) is fast becoming a garage essential despite only being launched into the market during 2016.

The first under bonnet lamp to be introduced by Ring, the vehicle lighting and automotive electronics specialist, the RUBL1000 benefits from three 5w LEDs to provide 1,000 lumens of light output and is the ideal solution to hands-free working in typically dark workshop environments.

Lightweight, adjustable and suitable to mount on to the majority of vehicles, the RUBL1000 is a sturdy polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium construction. The length of the lamp is easily extended to fit the vehicle that a technician is working on, and the hooks which attach the lamp to the bonnet are covered in protective rubber ensuring there is no damage to bodywork.

With three levels of light output, a 40ο adjustable head and 60ο wide angle illumination, those relying on the tool can be confident that they will have the greatest levels of visibility when working on engines and under the bonnets of cars, 4X4’s and vans.

When all three lamps are concentrated in the area of work, light is constantly provided even if one of the lamps is obstructed, so mechanics will never have to worry about working in shadows.

Developed with the mechanic in mind, the RUBL1000 is rechargeable and has a powerful 13.7V, 10400mAh Li-ion battery pack. Not only does this eliminate the problems created by wires in the workplace, it also reduces downtime or the need for a constant power supply.

Marketing Manager for Ring, Henry Bisson said: “We know how important it is to have a good source of light when working under bonnets on engines. Not only does it make working easier, but just as importantly, the RUBL1000 has a sturdy polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium construction making it tough enough to withstand daily use in a workshop.”

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