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TecAlliance parts identification Apps

TecAlliance, the global leader in data management for the replacement parts aftermarket, has an ever-growing suite of products aimed at a range of different sectors within the overall industry.

Although the needs may differ, depending on their position in the market, the common thread that links installers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and even the vehicle manufacturers, is high quality data, made available for a multitude of purposes and presented to allow ease of access to sector relevant information that allows businesses to work more efficiently.

For the end user, whether in the form of technical information for the workshop or parts identification for the wholesaler, this data is made available by TecAlliance through its renowned RMI and TecDoc platforms, which is then generally accessed, via subscription, directly through its own portals.

App Opportunities
However, it is becoming increasingly important for parts manufacturers that already use TecAlliance to manage their data for these ‘official’ channels, to produce bespoke systems that provide access to information exclusively concerning their own brand, to their own customers, generally via an App.

Due to its aforementioned position in the data management sector and its existing relationship with the 600 plus brands that are now listed on the TecDoc platform, TecAlliance is the obvious first port of call to build these ‘alternative’ channels and as Shaun Greasley, TecAlliance’s general manager for UK and Ireland explains, this trend is set to continue.

“With the growing reliance on smart phone technology, parts manufacturers see the importance and the subsequent opportunity, to provide their customers with the information they require when and where they need it.

“To that end, the App has proved to be a superb development and although many might just associate TecAlliance with the TecDoc CATALOG electronic parts catalogue, our knowledge when it comes to handling and presenting data in a way that helps those working in the real world of the aftermarket, means we have the skills and abilities to provide many alternative solutions including the App.

“These Apps also include an authentication solution to check that automotive replacement parts marked with the MAPP code are genuine. Using this solution, anyone using the App on a smartphone can authenticate a part anywhere in the world, around the clock, seven days a week via the MAPP code to the authentication platform. The code is then checked and the result – in form of a text message combined with a green/yellow/red traffic light – is sent back right away.

“As TecDoc was originally built on the pooled data from 30 of the most well-respected original equipment parts suppliers and now has more than 600 aftermarket brands as official data suppliers, we have the ability to provide unrivalled quantities of data at unparalleled levels of accuracy, which is why the majority of individual and multi brands parts catalogues, catalogue providers and retail orientated business platforms such as eBay and Amazon, rely on our data to drive their systems. Little wonder, therefore that ZF Aftermarket is among the latest TecDoc data suppliers for whom we’ve developed such a solution.”