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Prevention better than the cure

Breakdowns due to battery faults and failure are a major concern and inconvenience to vehicle owners. With research suggesting that this is the number one reason for road side call outs, battery maintenance and checks should be a top priority for technicians.

“There is no doubt that vehicle batteries perform better than ever before. But, as we expect more from our vehicles, we also place extra strain on the life and performance of our batteries. This means that we need to give batteries more care and attention,” comments Henry Bisson, Marketing Manager from Ring.

“Conveniently for technicians, advancements in tools to support battery care can reduce time spent running diagnostics, can help to reduce faults and keep people on the road, especially when prioritised and integrated into regular checks.”

Supporting the technician, Ring provides a selection of workshop tools that are integral to the battery maintenance process, including battery analysers.

Bisson adds: “As the saying goes, prevention is definitely better than the cure when it comes to battery care. Battery analysers can help technicians to accurately test the life and performance of the battery, irrelevant of the size of the vehicle.”

Battery analysers can accurately diagnose any faults within the battery system. Handheld and versatile, they allow for multifunctional testing, are intuitive and easy to operate.

Technicians should consider three key tests when conducting preventative checks. A start power test measures voltage drop during engine start to identify any battery issues; an alternator check tests the recharging performance of the vehicle alternator and a battery cranking test measures the battery’s cold cranking performance to determine engine starting ability.

Ring’s RBAG700 analyser, as an example, reviews the battery’s ‘health’ and provides a printed summary of the analytics that can be shared with colleagues and the customer. By checking the cranking ability, the alternator, starter and earth system, this graphical analyser, which offers multi-functional testing, helps technicians to diagnose potential faults.

Perfect for busy workshops, the RBAG700 allows multi-vehicle testing, storing the results of up to 80 vehicles. Offering specific settings for SLA, AGM and EFB the tool will test most battery types, including stop/start batteries. As a versatile tool, it can also be used as part of everyday tests to make sure that there is enough life in the battery for vehicle diagnostics and software updates.

Henry Bisson concludes: “The RBAG700 ensures mechanics provide excellent customer service, but also helps them work more efficiently. These simple checks tell mechanics whether they should replace, charge or leave the battery as it is.”

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