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New colour-coded bottles for Cataclean

Cataclean, the patented fuel and exhaust system cleaner, will be sold in 2017 in a newly designed bottle with new labelling that more clearly differentiates the products for diesel and petrol engines.

Bottles of Cataclean Liquid Science, for petrol engines, will now have a green cap and predominantly green label, consistent with the colour-coding convention for petrol pump nozzles in garage forecourts. Bottles of Cataclean Diesel are also being changed to follow the fuel pump convention, and will now have a black cap with a black-and-grey label. The new packaging makes it easier to spot the difference between the two.

At the same time, Cataclean is being increased in volume from 450ml to 500ml, to standardise its size across international markets. The new bottle is lighter and stronger, with an improved three-layer design and Polyamide 6 barrier-layer to eliminate any possible evaporation. The bottle will be certificated for group II SG1.2 freestanding approval making it unique in the automotive additive sector. To improve ease of handling, the bottles will now be available in boxes of six rather than the previous 20.

Manufactured in the UK (as well as under license in the USA), Cataclean is independently proven to restore engine performance, improve fuel economy, and reduce emissions. Cataclean can reduce the risk of diesel particulate filter (DPF) clogging and can help clear blocked DPFs, which is why it is carried by all 1,400 RAC patrol vehicles.

To obtain these benefits and for best results, one full bottle of Cataclean should be poured into approximately quarter-full tank of fuel. The vehicle should then be driven normally for at least 15 minutes and re-fuelled when necessary. Ideally Cataclean should be used three to four times per year and can also be used prior to emissions tests, such as MOTs, to reduce carbon emission readings. When used in conjunction with regular fuels Cataclean offers similar benefits to those claimed by premium fuels and can deliver net savings to the car owner.

Cataclean will continue to be marketed through established distributors in the motor trade and to be available at retail and industry level.