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Mobile servicing from VW Commercial Vehicles UK

An interesting initiative by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the UK last month was the unveiling of three Mobile Service Clinic vans, part of an initiative which it says will save customers money by reducing downtime.

The Mobile Service vans have been designed specifically for the needs of fleet customers and will be capable of delivering service work, inspections, air conditioning servicing, MOT repairs, minor warranty work and software updates remotely at the fleet base location.

The first three Mobile Service Clinic vans have just gone into service and are operating from their bases at VWCV’s Cordwallis dealerships in Maidenhead, Heathrow and Oxford.

Each of the Mobile Service Clinic Crafter vans has been equipped by specialist conversion company, Surrey-based Winton Engineering. An array of on-board tools including compressed air jacks and even a hand wash basin lets technicians carry out a wide range of work. Ten more Mobile Service Clinic vans are expected to join the VWCV network by summer 2017, with nationwide coverage planned towards the end of next year.

A Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service spokesman said, “I’m delighted with the Mobile Service Clinic vans; they look fantastic and will provide a great alternative for fleet customers.”

“We’ve found the main concern for fleet customers is downtime and how long their vehicles are off the road. The Mobile Service Clinic van is a convenient alternative for these businesses and demonstrates how we are dedicated to fulfilling our ‘Working with You’ promise to customers.”

Another Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles spokesman said: “The addition of Mobile Service Clinic vans to our ‘Working With You’ approach is another element of the service offering the Brand is looking to enhance. This will be further complemented by offering extended servicing hours to all our customers from the start of 2017.”

VW believes it can cost fleet customers in excess of £600 per day if they cannot use their specialist van due to servicing requirements, claiming that, by bringing the service to the customer, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles can complete the service work in a cost effective, efficient manner.

From a customer perspective, the centre’s using the new service say that they’ve looked at how they can save time and money. They claim that the Mobile Service Clinic van is the most effective solution, because it reduces vehicle downtime and enhances the customer service experience.